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Wellhead Tools


Product Description

(1)Casing Slips
Casing Slips can accommodate casing from 65/8 to 30 inch(168.3-762mm) O.D.

(2)Drill Collar Slips
There are three kinds of model of DCS Drill Collar Slips:S,R and L. They can accommodate drill collar from 3 inch(76.2mm) to 14 inch(355.6mm) O.D..

(3)Rotary Slips
Rotary Slips can accommdate drill pipe from 23/8 to 51/2 inch(60.3-139.7mm)O.D.. They are classified as type Short(SDS), Medium(SDML) and Extra Long(SDXL) according to gripping length. SDS slips are designed for shallow hole drilling, SDML slips are the perfect choice for all medium depth drilling, SDXL slips are desinged for deep drilling

(4)Type Flake Rotary Slips
We produce two kinds of type of the rotary slips in our company:W 31/2-5/100 and W 5-7/100, they can handle various O.D. drill pipes, drill collars or casing by changing insert gripping dies or insert boxs.


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